About Genesis Consulting Group

Genesis Consulting Group partners with and empowers clients in the business, nonprofit, education, and public spheres to create transformative community development solutions. Since 1998, Genesis Consulting Group has helped local, regional, national, and international organizations build capacity to achieve their goals through strategic planning, board and leadership development, resource development, evaluation, and other services.

Joy Gorham Hervey, Ed.D., M.Div.

Dr. Joy Gorham Hervey, a certified grants specialist, has successfully raised millions of dollars for school districts, educational nonprofits, faith-motivated initiatives, and community development organizations. A published author and ordained minister, Dr. Hervey has over two decades of professional experience in educational and nonprofit leadership, educational research, faith-motivated community development, resource development, international missions, and program evaluation. She has devoted her career to promoting the intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual development of children, youth, and families in underserved communities here and abroad.  

Eurmon Hervey, Jr., Ed.D., MBA

Dr. Eurmon Hervey is an accomplished educational executive with a comprehensive blend of nonprofit, government, and academic management experience. Most of his professional career has been in senior leadership positions like Campus CEO, Executive Vice President & Provost, and Assistant Professor in colleges and universities. He has also held the titles of Assistant Superintendent and Deputy Chief State School Officer in the K-12 education sector. Further, he is also a community educator and has done pioneering work in establishing two not for profit community organizations, a private elementary school, and even a county library. 

Genesis Consulting Group, LLC employs the services of its associates and other accomplished professionals to meet the needs of clients requiring specific expertise.